Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ada Couple Kissing Kat Dubai?

Tajuk tu agak keterlaluan
tapi memang terjadi kat Dubai

jum baca news

ihsan dari BBC News:

Ayman Najafi, 24, and Charlotte Adams, 25, were sentenced to a month in prison with subsequent deportation and fined about £200 for drinking alcohol.

*masyaAllah..lari lari lari...apa ini pakaian ka apa ini?*

wanita berjubah hitam itu berkata

The couple were arrested in November after a local woman accused them of breaking the country's decency laws by kissing on the mouth in a restaurant.

Najafi said he was "very disappointed". The pair plan to make a second appeal.

The initial complaint against them was made by a 38-year-old woman who said she was offended by their behaviour at the Jumeirah Beach Residence, where she was dining with her daughter.

The couple's defence lawyers said the woman - who did not appear in court - had not seen the kiss herself, but had been told by her two-year-old child that the girl had seen the couple kissing.

The defendants also claimed they had merely kissed each other on the cheek, and therefore had not broken any laws.

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masterly02 said...

cium siang pandang2..kan dah kantoi..haha